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The tiny community of Grand Forks in southern BC has been devastated by floods two years in a row. In 2018, thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. No one was ready for the force and scope of the flood. Ancient dikes burst. Water and sewage washed through homes and businesses. Millions of dollars of damage was done to homes, businesses, farms, and infrastructure. Hundreds of flood victims have lost their homes, their possessions, and their jobs. Despite weeks of flood preparation, I too, suffered extensive damage to my home for the second year in a row. Will it happen again next year? Is this the way things will be from now on? What can we do? How can the people of Grand Forks recover? The people have come together to help each other. They feel abandoned and ignored by the government. Here are our stories. Here is how we will rise again.

~ Jennifer Houghton, Grand Forks Resident, Flood Documentary Filmmaker

Checking the house in South Ruckle

Checking the house in South Ruckle

Why is this documentary important?
The people of Grand Forks need help from government for recovery and to prepare for future floods.  We need to know how to stop this from happening again. We need housing and help with economic recovery. We need to feel heard. Our stories and experiences from this flood will determine how we deal with floods and natural disasters in the future. Our stories and outcomes will help to prevent this from recurring here and in other Canadian communities. Is climate change responsible for the flooding in Grand Forks? Is rapid deforestation to blame? How do we deal with a changing planet in the smallest of towns? This documentary tells our stories, investigates the cause of the flooding, how we are recovering, and how we are preparing for future disasters.

My house sandbagged

My house sandbagged

The latest update on what’s happening in Grand Forks from Global News Kelowna:

I am building a house that can be moved the next time it floods.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE BEGINNING OF THE TINY HOUSE BUILD

The impact of the flood on the people of Grand Forks has made my heart cry, sing, and ache. That is why I am filming the documentary of our experience.  Here is my speech at the Kettle Valley Women’s Institute Fall Retreat about my flood story.  WATCH HERE

Presentation January 22nd, 2019

CBC Daybreak South asks about the Grand Forks Flood, Forests, & Forestry Event (starts at 59:40)