Grand Forks Flood Documentary Update: December 2018

Hello Dear Grand Forks Flood documentary supporters!

I just wanted to give a quick update on my film making activities this summer and fall.


Immediately after the flood I filmed a number of residents who were impacted.  The footage was taken on the scene at their homes.  Since then additional footage includes:  public meetings about the flood recovery, an interview with a forestry researcher, an interview with a retired forester (he took me up to the clearcuts – it was heartbreaking), footage of the donation centre for flood victims, footage of donations being made for flood victims, footage of my tiny house build, and footage of flooded children receiving donations of backpacks and school supplies.


This fall and winter (yep, even over Christmas) my efforts are going to be focused on research into how forestry practices are related to our flood.  This will take some reading and some interviews with experts.


I finally have time to sit down and make some funding/grant applications to the government for the making of the documentary.  If I am able to get some of that, I will certainly let you know!!  I’ve had some wonderful folks send me links to possible sources for grants.


Its been a busy summer and fall and I’ve been working 3 jobs plus building the tiny house on wheels, so I haven’t done much to advertise our Gofundme.  But now I’m ramping back up to make this fundraising platform visible on social media again.  So please give me a hand by SHARING THE CRAP OUT OF THIS GOFUNDME with all your friends and family on Facebook!!


I have organized a presentation and strategy session in Grand Forks entitled “The Grand Forks Flood:  Forests & Forestry – How they are connected and what we can do.”  This presentation features Herb Hammond, Forestry Ecologist and Forester, plus Fred Marshall, Professional Forester, providing evidence of how forestry practices contributed to our flood.  After the presentation and Q & A, we will have a strategy session to figure out how we can connect with government and industry  to change policy and practices.  All are welcome.  By donation.  Tuesday, January 22, 6-9pm, USCC Hall, Grand Forks.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing mini-videos and samples from the documentary footage on social media.  At this point, I’ll be paying out of my own pocket for some sponsored Facebook ads to get the word out.  Its worth every penny!


I am in the process of seeking public speaking engagements across BC, including in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver.  So far I’ve done 3 speeches about our flood.  People are touched by what they hear.  Our province is populated by amazing people who care about each other.


I am excited to be contributing to a positive change both with the documentary and the environmental activism that the flood has pushed me into.  I wasn’t an activist before.  Now I wake up every morning with a purpose.  The pain I have felt plus the pain my friends and neighbors have felt as a result of this flood are motivating me to take powerful, strong, righteous action.  I am fighting a fight that matters. Our homatter.  Our future matters.  Thmes matter.  Our businesses e management of our forests matters.

All of us are filled with enough courage to pull ourselves out of this environmental catastrophe that is happening during our lifetime.  I’ve stored this courage deep inside for a long time – it has been waiting for this moment to come forth.

I have immense gratitude for your support.

~  Jennifer Houghton

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