The Flood Documentary GoFundMe: Donations are coming in!

Did you know that people in the Lower Mainland think that Grand Forks has recovered from the flood? I’ve been told that they think the government took care of us. That has not happened.

Donate to the Gofundme:

The Provincial government is not equipped to deal with this. The policies and legislation are not in place to deal with these disasters.

We need to spread the word about what happened during the Grand Forks flood and WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE THE FLOOD. Then we will get the support we need across this province to get the government to make changes. Changes to policy and legislation are needed immediately.

We can do that using the power of social media and the power of film. I need your help spreading the word about the documentary Gofundme.

We need to remember it is grass roots ordinary people putting pressure on elected officials that is the key ingredient for changing policy.

In addition to creating the flood documentary, I am also organizing the people of Grand Forks to create a campaign to put pressure on the government to make changes that will prevent future disasters. This is critical. Across BC, we must all unite to make this change or many more towns and cities will suffer the same devastation as Grand Forks.

The documentary Gofundme has sprung back to life. In the past few days, hundreds of dollars in donations have come in. Let’s keep up the momentum! Share the Gofundme and let’s make a difference:

~ Jennifer Houghton

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