Flood Stories

Many hundreds of families have been impacted by the flood.  They are from all age groups and all walks of life.  The documentary will share just a few of these stories.

Ron Holmes and family

Derek Fillion and wife Sandy

derek fillion, grand forks flood 2018

Jaime Massey and family

jaime massey flood 2018

Marie Germain’s house and bowling alley

marie germain, grand forks flood 2018

Julie Hebert Andrew

julie hebert andrew flood 2018

Catherine, Joe, and baby

cathy and joe flood 2018

Connie Arishenkoff and family

connie, flood, grand forks, 2018

Holly Hooper’s bakery Marvelous Munchies – photos coming soon!

My story (Jennifer) and the tiny house on wheels (plus Bella & Grizz) – read about my story here