The photo above is 12th Street in Grand Forks, Friday, May 11, 2018 – access to my house was cut off because the river was flowing through it.  That water was about 3-4 feet high and the current was too strong to wade through it.  Some people on my street tried to stay in their homes and had to be evacuated with boats.  More photos coming soon….

Belongings on curb with a wheelchair

After the flood, people had to put all of their wet, moldy belongings out on the curb to be hauled to the dump. It was devastating.

Belongings on 2nd Street

Belongings on 2nd Street

Books in the mud

Most of my books were ruined, along with yoga props, clothing, bedding, mementos. I thought my stuff was safe inside plastic tubs up on shelves but there was so much water, the shelves floated and the tubs all fell into the water.

White house in water

A house in the neighborhood of South Ruckle in Grand Forks. May 2018.

Thank you

Our amazing community came together. People from all walks of life came out to help sandbag, feed volunteers, hand out water, and provide moral support. This sign is at a house on 2nd Street that is right on the Kettle River.

My house sandbagged

My house was sandbagged twice. The first wall of sandbags was breached by the initial flood. Some wonderful new friends arrived from Trail, BC and helped me build this higher wall to stop the second wave of the flood we were expecting.

Lise and Blair are the heroes who came all the way from Trail, BC to help sandbag my house for the second wave of flooding.  Here we all are covered in mud after long day standing in water moving a few thousand sandbags.  Lise and Blair are neighbors in Trail.  They came back week after week to help me clean up after the flood.  I am in awe of their generosity and strength.

Evacuation orders

Evacuation orders were posted on the bulletin board at the Grand Forks post office.

12th Street became a river

12th Street became a river